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This sad historical event took place in 1933 when Adolf Hitler ascended to power in Germany. The holocaust was brought to an end in 1945 when the Nazi regime was conquered by the Allied powers. The word holocaust was derived from the Greek language and means ‘ sacrifice by fire ‘. The holocaust was aimed at persecuting and slaughtering Jews. The Nazi’s also targeted homosexuals, disabled and the Jehovah witnesses for persecution. Anyone who opposed this gruesome regime was either murdered or sent to forced labour.

The persecution took off on 15th September, 1995. Laws which were referred to as the Nuremberg laws were issued. The laws excluded Jews from public life. There was a law that outlawed extramarital sex and marriages between Germans and Jews. German Jews were also stripped of their citizenship. This was just a precedence for anti-Jewish legislation. Over the next couple of years things got worse for the Jews. They were forced to register their property, got fired from government jobs an were barred from social places.

Holocaust in Auschwitz

What is Auschwitz

Auschwitz Birkenau is the generalized term that was used to refer to a network of labour and concentration camps. This complex could hold over 150,000 inmates.

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