Jewish history: Early Modern period

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The Jews gradually integrated in the modern European countries, the main reason being their conspicuous economic activities. The Jews in the early modern period were classified as either the court Jews who were business men and bankers and the port Jews who run the marine economy.

During this period, they lived under the Ottoman Empire which had taken over turkey as their economic and cultural center. They were highly classed in this empire as they were the leading economic aggressors of the empire. This however was cut short by the ever constant religious and political pressure that was a common thing in the ever modernizing world.

The role Poland and Lithuanian of the Jewish population


On the other hand Poland-Lithuania was the place with the greatest population of the Jewish community. This however changed when the Jews were split by the Swedish wars and many were left dead. Those who survived were forced to move back to Western Europe. During this time, the Jews lived under persecution and limitation of human rights until the Hasidic Judaism was introduced by rabbi Israel to emancipate the Jews.

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