Jewish history: Middle Ages

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Jews have been in existence since ancient times. By 1000 B.C.E. They had established a national, state called Israel. They also practiced a unique religion; Judaism. The Jewish nation was conquered severally and was absorbed into the Roman empire. The Jews revolted against the Roman rule and succeeded in liberating themselves at the second attempt.

Historical events : early and late middle age

Israel early and late middle ages

During the whole of the Middle ages the Jews became more and more marginalized due to their economic and political disadvantages. For example, in the early middle ages, they were initially treated as citizens. This, however, changed in the late middle ages as a law was created to treat them as resident foreigners. They were under the protection of the Roman ruler. This left them vulnerable to his vagary. Jews were prohibited from owning Christian slaves and partaking Christian oaths, thus excluded them from manorial and feudal systems.
The only occupations that were available to them were those of money lenders, traders or artisans.

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